How can I improve my English level?

May 5, 2014

How can I improve my English level?


This is a common question I am asked by many students and there are many things you can do. However, one of the best ways to improve your English is to read! Don’t just read the notes from your course books, but read for pleasure.


Here is the simplest way to start:


1. Choose a topic you are interested in (for example… football).


2. Do a Google search on this topic (in English of course).


3. Now start reading.

Extensive reading (or reading for pleasure) can help you improve your English by:


· seeing all of that grammar you have studied working together

· revising old vocabulary

· learning new vocabulary

· improving reading speed


Try reading a variety of materials… advertisements, news stories, gossip news, sports reports, weather reports, blogs, novels... the wider the variety of texts, the better!


Of course some reading may be quite difficult. If you can’t understand more than 90% of the text from the start, then the text might be too difficult for you. If it’s too difficult, then it won’t be fun to read. Remember, read for pleasure. Graded readers:· Graded readers are excellent for reading for pleasure.


· Graded readers are books written for English language learners.

· There are different levels to suit Elementary to Advanced levels.

· For a list of graded readers,


check out:


Here are two of my favourite websites for reading for fun and improving English.


Travel Grove (

The blog on ‘Travel Grove’ is not only advertisements.

There are lots of interesting, short posts about travel in general.Breaking News English (

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