Need 2nd WH VISA ?.


You can renew your Working Holiday Visa for another year if you worked 88 days in the primarysector (eg agriculture, livestock, work in the mines) during your first visa in rural Australia farms (Regional Areas)These Rural areas are distant from major cities and are identified by specific zip codes.

Working Holiday Visa


Working Holiday Visa is the best chance to travel, study and work, and make the most of every opportunity Australia can offer. Australian Working Holiday Visa is becoming always more popular as a real, unique life experience among worldwide travelers.Generally working holiday travelers merge vacation and work: they decide to start their adventure in a big city like Sydney or Melbourne and study English for a few months, working and making new friends. Then they leave to discover Australia nature and wildness.

Second Working Holiday Visa


Working holiday visa holders may be eligible for a second working holiday visa entitling them to another year in Australia if they have worked as a seasonal worker in regional Australia for a minimum of 3 months. Applications for a second Australia Working Holiday Visa can be made both offshore and onshore in Australia.BHLC provides you minumum 8 weeks English Study at BHLC, and then you can work for a farm for 3 months and get a 2nd Visa.



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